Adopting Little Glo

Follow us on our journey as we adopt our son from China

Our little FOX!

Mollie Glasgow2 Comments

As most of you already know... we have been blessed to call this perfect little boy ours. This is our son! And we are a little (ok A LOT) obsessed with him!! That moment when our journeys collided together awakened parts of my heart that I never knew existed. Let me just say that I can see God's hand through every bit of this and he is writing an epic story. I am holding on tight with my eyes wide open because I don't want to miss a moment of this ride!!

We have had a lot of inquires about why we chose the name Fox. I wanted to take a minute and share why his name is special to us...

 When we received the file from the agency on our little buddy, we eagerly read through and soaked in every word. He has a very serious and complicated heart condition and the majority of his file was medical information. I'll be honest it was pretty overwhelming and intimidating. I found my eyes searching for the good stuff. I wanted to know who this little fighter was and not let the medical stuff cast a shadow on his worth. AND THERE IS WAS... at the very bottom in a small paragraph they began to describe who this little guy is as a PERSON. I saw these words and they were immediately written in my heart. 

What an amazing little human. Here I am reading about this little buddy who has fought hard to live. He has beaten the odds time and time again. Yet here they are describing him as "quiet and lovely". What an amazing little fella. What character of strength and grace! 

So we felt like Fox fit him quite nicely. He is oh so lovely and we are oh so honored to be his parents.