Adopting Little Glo

Follow us on our journey as we adopt our son from China


Mollie GlasgowComment

We are so overjoyed to introduce you guys to our SON! That's right! We officially have a SON!


This is Fox. Isn't he amazing and perfect!?! He was brought into our lives through a crazy series of events. From the first time I saw his face and heard his story I felt God speaking to me that this child is SO WORTHY of a family. This little guy has fought through so much in his short lifetime and it is time for a family to fight just as hard for him. So we decided to do just that! We were able to locate his file (which is sometimes harder than it sounds), we transferred to the China program, and we started praying like crazy. And today we received the news that we have been approved! It was confirmed on paper what we already knew in our hearts! That WE are HIS and HE is OURS! 

So here are some facts about Fox...

He is 2 1/2 years old. He has very serious heart defect and has already been through one open heart surgery. We do know that he will be having another open heart surgery in the next few weeks and we would love for you to join with us in covering our son in prayer. We also know that he is with an amazing orphanage in China, where he is well loved and taken care of. 

So what does this mean as far as a timeline?

We will basically remain on the same timeline as before. We will be eligible to submit our dossier in July (when I turn 30) and from what we understand travel takes place around 6 months (on average) after the dossier is submitted. 

What changes now that we are with the China program?

Our travel time will increase. We will be in country for around 2 weeks and return with our son being a legally ours and officially a U.S. citizen.

The cost also increases a good bit. The average cost of adopting a child from China is between $35,000-40,000. This is a dramatic cost difference from Hong Kong but we feel certain that God has a plan and He has already made a way. With that being said, we have several fundraisers coming up in the next few months. I will be using this blog and social media to promote each opportunity to help us reach our financial goal! We have been blown away by the support we have received thus far! If you are reading this and wondering the easiest way to give just click the DONATION BUTTON on the right side of the blog! 

This is by far the most exciting blog post I've ever written. We feel so honored and blessed that God would chose us to be the parents to such an incredible and WORTHY child. I want to once again thank you for the incredible amount of support and love we have received. Fox is so blessed to be loved and embraced by so many! I cannot wait to bring him home to such a wonderful community of people.