Adopting Little Glo

Follow us on our journey as we adopt our son from China

T-shirt Fundraiser

Mollie GlasgowComment

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You guys, we are so excited to launch our first fundraiser for the adoption! So far we have raised $6,500 just out of people giving! We are completely blown away by that number! What a blessing to have so many people support us and join in this journey with our family. 

We have had a lot of questions about where we are currently in the adoption process so I wanted to give a quick update. We are currently still in the process of completing our home study. This process can be quite lengthy and time consuming. We are hopeful that the home study will be wrapping up by the end of the month. Although he have not been matched with a specific child at this time, that could happen any day. Regardless of not seeing the face of our child, knowing their gender or age, or even their origin story, our hearts are filled with an overwhelming amount of love for our child. God is preparing our hearts and I pray that he is also preparing the hearts of our community for our little love to join us soon. 

These shirts are not only an opportunity to financially support our adoption but also to share our families story. Here's a little bit about their meaning...

No Limits

Throughout our journey as a family, God has shown us the beauty in trusting him and living with "No Limits". Living without limits has challenged our faith and understanding of how incredibly small we are and how GREAT and PERFECT God's plan for our life can be. Our adoption story is flooded with the message of God pushing us out of our comfort zone. He is calling us to live our life with NO LIMITS. Won't you join us! 

Shine Bright

This shirt represents the power of advocating. What a powerful thing to be the VOICE for an orphan. To stand up and say you are worthy and loved and God has a plan to RESCUE you. By purchasing this you are given an opportunity to not only support our adoption but be the voice for so many orphans waiting to be rescued. 

There are multiple shirt styles and color options available. Shine Bright is also available in kids sizes! Shop away and help us bring home little glo!

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