Adopting Little Glo

Follow us on our journey as we adopt our son from China

Our Big Announcement!

Mollie GlasgowComment

We are beyond excited to share with you that our family is adopting a child from Hong Kong! As many of you know, adoption has always been something our family has been drawn to. After the birth of our second daughter, Wren, who was born with Down Syndrome, we felt God specifically calling us to adopt a child with special needs. In many other countries, children who are classified as “special needs” are often abandoned, neglected, and even left to die, simply for having what are considered to be less-than-ideal health conditions.

After careful consideration we chose Hong Kong due to their specific need for special needs adoptions. We will be working with Lifeline Agency to complete our adoption. At this time we have not been matched with a child. We are open to adopting a child, boy or girl, 4 years or younger with Down Syndrome and other possible health issues. The average time frame of adopting a child from Hong Kong is eighteen months from start to finish. Matching with a child can take place at any point during the adoption process.

We want to invite you to join along with us in this journey. We know that we cannot do it alone.

First and foremost we need your prayers. This is a long and emotional process and your support would mean the world to us! Second, we need you to tell our story. As Christians we are commanded to take care of orphans (James 1:27). We feel very strongly that God can use our story not only to bring home our child, but to possibly lead others to assist orphans in some capacity. And Third, we need your help financially. The estimated cost of adopting a child from Hong Kong is around $20,000. As a young family, we do not have an extra $20,000 laying around. We also know that long term caring for a child with special needs and medical issues can be quite costly. All that being said, we know that $20,000 is achievable if we all come together. Please know that any amount you are able to give helps. We would even like to invite you to give us your spare coins laying around because it all adds up! Simply click the "Donate" button to the right. 

We also have several fundraisers planned for the next year: selling t-shirts, online auctions, garage sales, benefit concert, etc. If you are unable to give financially but would be willing to give your time to assist with fundraising, that would be amazing as well!

It is very important to us that you stay connected to our journey. We will keep this site updated regularly. It is our intention to not only keep you informed on our adoption, but to also help you feel connected and bonded with our child. This child will not only be joining our family, but our community as well. We have been so blessed to be surrounded with love and encouragement throughout our lives and our children’s lives. We look forward to introducing our newest “little Glo” to the beauty of God’s love and the love of a family and community.