Adopting Little Glo

Follow us on our journey as we adopt our son from China

A Lot To Be Thankful For

Mollie GlasgowComment


You guys, we are incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have received since sharing our calling to adopt. Your kind words, prayers, excitement, and financial contributions have been humbling. The past two weeks have been quite an emotional rollercoaster for us. I have been a bit conflicted on how much to share with everyone but because we have asked you to join us on this journey, I feel it is only right to be raw and honest about all this journey entails. 

We turned in our application with Lifeline on, Monday, November 9th. By total coincidence that day happened to be National Adoption Day! Being "newbies" to this process we didn't anticipate to have our application accepted for a few weeks. On Friday, November 13th, we received an email that our application was accepted and they were ready to get started. They emailed over our adoption manual (149 pages) and starter kit. We spent the weekend reading over and taking in all the information. We prepared questions and filled out 50 plus pages of paperwork.

On Monday, November 16th, we had a scheduled phone call with our service coordinator for Hong Kong and were so excited to find more information about next steps. Our conversation went about as expected, mostly discussing paperwork and the next steps towards starting our home study. As our conversation was coming to an end, our coordinator informed us that she received a file on a child that she would like for our family to read over and consider. Needless to say we were in complete shock. We had expectations that receiving a file for consideration would be 6 plus months down the road, if not longer.

The file was emailed over and we had the honor of being introduced to an amazing and perfect little human in need of a forever family to love them. From there, all the feels set in. After reviewing the file, sending it to the International Adoption Clinic for review, and lots of time in prayer, we humbly asked Hong Kong for consideration to be this child's parents. Our hearts were flooded with love for this sweet child and we began praying for them, their foster family, and their forever family. 

Yesterday we heard back from our Hong Kong coordinator that another family was chosen for this child that is further along in the process. Immediately my heart sank. I want to say that my immediate reaction was surrendering everything to God and being at peace but that's not true. I was sad for us. It would have been an honor and privilege to parent this child. But as my emotions settled, I felt God reminding me that my prayers for this child have been answered. God's perfect plan was in motion and this child will soon be united with their forever family. What a VICTORY! This child is loved and their mommy and daddy are coming for them! I find peace in knowing that all those dreams that I had for this child will still come true. I am not the only mommy in the world capable of giving a child an abundance of love. I am honored to have been introduced to this beautiful child and to see a glimpse into all that God has in store for our family. 

Our adoption story is only just beginning. We know that God's plan for our family is better than we are capable of imagining. In these last two weeks, we have learned that faith is not just about our willingness to say YES to God but also to accept the NO's and trusting that God is in control. 

Please join our family in praying for this sweet child. Please pray for their parents as they anxiously await to bring their child home. 

We are forever grateful for your continued support and prayers. 


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